When I first heard about nail polish stickers, I was more skeptical than when I heard about Bristol Palin's engagement. There's no way, I reasoned, nail polish that you peel off in sheets can look better than, say, those tacky press-on nails. But my friend Lauren raved to me about Incoco's stickers, and I decided it was time for a test drive. The company was nice enough to send us some samples!

My sister and I headed to the park with our loot to test things out in some good daylight.

First, we needed cupcakes, of course (that's peanut butter on the left and banana with Nutella frosting on the right, FYI). :

I decided to do a manicure, and my sis decided to do a pedicure. We had so many choices!:

These are the stickers I chose, pink glitter:

And my sister chose a rose pink for her toes:

But they also make French Manicure kits, and basically every color you can imagine:

So how does all this stuff work? You start by filing or buffing your nails to prepare them for the stickers:

This is what my stickers looked like outside of the package. Incoco gives you extras, in case you mess up, or if you need a little variety in the sizes. Brilliant! :

You start by peeling a sticker off, once you match the different shapes to the size of your nail. This is what the actual sticker looks like:
I thought it would be hard to get an exact match to the shape of my nail, and I was anticipating either gaping margins or embarrassing excess, but the stickers actually matched almost perfectly:

My sister's toes:

One by one you adhere the sticker to each nail, which of course leaves these funny-looking overhangs. To finalize the shape, you remove the excess with either your nail or by filing it down with the provided file (it's really easy!):

And my pinky is done!

I finished the whole set and filed all the edges to secure the stickers in place:

All finished! I love how opaque the glitter is; you know if you wanted to get the coverage that solid with regular polish, it would take about 6 coats:

And my sister's pedicure came out terrific as well! (She thinks her toes look "chubby"; please agree with me that they're not!)

The great thing about Incoco is that your nails are instantly dry, and there's no chemical smell; 5 minutes later I was rummaging in my purse with no smudges or dents. A few hours after I applied them, I had to take a shower to go to a party, so I was worried about how they'd hold up after shampooing, but they stayed perfectly intact:

It's been a couple days now, and I can't tell you amazing my nails still look! No chips, even at the ends! And I've been washing dishes, playing guitar, you name it: this stuff is so much more durable than regular, messy polish. But if you want to, you just remove it with nail polish remover: fast and easy!

I'm so glad I finally tried nail polish stickers, and who knows, I may never go back! Incoco's are definitely top of the line, too.

AND, we have a special announcement to make: very, very soon you can win Incoco stickers for yourself for FREE! Stay tuned to Lovelyish, because I think I detect a giveaway lurking on the midweek horizon...