Editor's Note: this posts comes in response to another, My Rant about Ugly People.

First off, I'd like to let you know "pretty" people are losers. Honestly the REAL pretty people I know aren't busy worrying about their own and other peoples' appearances. They're confident in their LIFE and don't consider their pretty face a "necessity" for getting a job, lover, social life.

Honestly, I think most people who see so much "value" in being "pretty" only see it that way because they think they're ugly.

I think it's ironic, and self defeating. In all these years of struggling with body image I've come to terms with the fact that people who are just happy to be in the picture are much more attractive than people who obviously spent too much time on their make up that day. I am guilty of that. I'm a hard worker and I keep pushing, even when it comes to my cute little face.


Five minutes ago I was whining about how little effort I put into my appearance, how I could look better. I do have standards, and opinions. I try to have respect, and innocence. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. When it comes down to it NOBODY is perfect, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and what you personally may see as "ugly" may be the most gorgeous thing in the world, maybe your taste is ugly.

lets get started...

"there is no way to change a person's bone structure or bra size or other permanent, genetically predisposed things of that nature"

Why would you want to do that? why are people so determined to completely alter the reflection nature gave their mirror. Is it really so harmful to have a unique physical beauty? Sure, boob jobs are nice, so are nose jobs in my opinion, but are they really that detrimental to someones existence? I have a weird face damn it, I could give a crap if YOU think it's beautiful, I was born with this body, and if nobody will love me for the face I have, then I don't want to be loved.

"However, there are lots of things people can do to make themselves more attractive."

o rly? like having this BS idea that being "pretty" will somehow make you seem like a better person? Like it will compensate for your attitude or your feelings? NOTHING can replace the vibe you give off to other people, body language speaks much, MUCH louder than concealer and spanx.

Not to mention, it doesn't matter how much make-up you pile onto that 'ugly' face of yours, WE CAN ALL STILL SEE THAT YOU KNOW YOU'RE UGLY. Seriously, I can smell an insecure girl from a mile away and I'm one of them. Every glance you give someone emulates "I thought I was ugly so I threw on some concealer this morning" EVEN if you're barely wearing anything. Actually, I look for the makeup on people with that vibe, it's usually there.

OH, and I wear makeup because I think it makes me beautiful. I don't slap it on so other ass-clowns find me mildly attractive. Honestly, if more people did what they themselves thought was pretty, the world would be a much more interesting place.

"The most obvious is sexual reproduction. Let's go on the basis of evolution, which I think isn't necessarily exclusive from creation. Why, when a man is looking for a mate, would he (scientifically) be attracted to a woman with larger breasts? It's because large breasts are a traditional sign of fertility. They show that a woman can feed her children"

For years women with small perky breasts were considered attractive. This is cultural, not based on evolution. 

I'd just like to let everyone know that I am a 28A, and I believe in love.

The boys love me, Honestly I have no problem finding a cute boy to bang, and even better, I have actual relationships, and I can guarantee to you that the LAST thing on my boyfriends mind was me feeding "their children". I think one way of showing them that I could feed these imaginary children is making sure they know I have a brain, and a heart.

"Another reason for attractiveness is that it shows us qualities we're looking for, be it in a mate, a friend, or a potential employee."

Actually, people tell me because I am such a girly girl they originally thought that I was stupid. Most of my friends now said that when they first saw me they thought I was "stuck-up" or shallow and my "mate" never get's what the big deal is between my morning face and my hungover face. Not to mention most of my parents friends, "employers" hire people based on how easy they are to be around and less on their appearance or skill. They want someone with a good attitude and outlook on life.

"People who put effort into their physical appearance show, not necessarily that they're shallow, but that they have self respect and are willing to work hard."

I think i'm just going to stop trying so hard, right now, and stop feeding into the vain, idealistic opinions of insecurity. I'd rather be ugly just in spite of someone with this opinion just to extort their ridiculous, crippling, ideas that they support in the society that I live in.

Lastly, were any of these quotes aimed at anyone but women in particular? THANK YOU for giving me yet another standard that I don't want to live up to. I've realized I am way over, and way past conventional beauty. I'd rather die penniless and full of life and emotion than overwhelmed by the weight other ugly people have put a top me. I can't decide if the problem is ignorance, or attitude, or arrogance. But I want to thank the person who supplied me with these wonderful quotes, because they've made me realize that there are things that are worth way more than physical beauty. 

I don't care if you're fat, or ugly, or stupid, as long as I can tolerate you and if i'm going to be PRETTY, I'm going to actually be a beautiful person, and I'm going to make sure I'm enjoying my life to the fullest with those manicured nails and implants.

Take what life gives you, and love it first, then you can truly be a pretty person. Otherwise you're just some petty, critical, wanna be who has poor opinions on the people around them and isn't fun to be around.