Rihanna you may change your hair (colour and style) almost everyday but girl, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Colouring and cutting your hair is nothing new, but would you ever rock these detailed hairstyles? Let's see what everyday people has done to their everyday hair!


Horizontal stripes are popular for the fall trends, but would we see this trend popping up on people's heads?


You guys may hate stick on bangs, but at least these coloured bangs are real.


Guess this is considered a hairstyle since that meat IS on top of her hair. Liking her bangs, though.


Actually, these hairstyles are more popular than you think! There are contests that feature hairstylists doing the most "extravagant" hairdos.


Something that you don't see everyday - somebody taking a crap on your head.


He must have gotten so drunk that his friends decided to draw on his head.


Somebody's got money on their mind 24/7!


What a great way to celebrate temporarily! The guy got a haircut with Chinese writing saying to "celebrate 10 years of Hong Kong's Return to China."


You know that Obama's got this kid's back...back of his head that is.


Disco ball? Makes me wanna dance!


Though we may not see these hairstyles in the mainstream media anytime soon, we'll just have to stick with Drew Barrymore's two toned hair. Let's hope that she does some more wicked hairstyles!

Would you rock the do's?