A few days ago, le boyfriend and I were talking about my fashion loves versus what he likes to see me in. He always prefers me in a more minimalist, au naturel look while I prefer more up to the moment trends. So I made a list of things most ladies prefer versus what most men would prefer to see and how we can come to a stylish compromise!

You like: Red
He likes: Natural
Compromise: Pink stain

Red vampy lipstick is always in style and makes whoever’s wearing it look like they’re in charge. When guys see that colur…they’re not so much feeling powerless as they are wondering how long it’ll take them to get off the lipstick-kissing-residue. Le Boyfriend always prefers lips to look they’re natural hue and not glossy. Because let’s face it…whatever we wear, they’ll be wearing in no time. Not our fault he’s so darn cute. Solution? A pink lip stain. I like mine from CoverGirl. It lasts forever and won’t rub off if I insist on kissing someone to death. Plus it’s a stain so won’t look crazy glossy.

You like: Structured style
He likes: Bedhead
Compromise: Messy side braid

If you’re like me, once you do your hair the slightest gust of wind will grind your gears! After spending copious amounts of time, bobby pins and hairspray on my hair, I hope to keep each hair in place for the entire day. Guys, on the other hand, love the feeling of running their hands through sexy, wavy hair. Solution? A messy side braid. It’s so chic right now that you’ll feel like you’re walking the streets of Paris no matter where you are but also the entire chicness lies in the fact that it’s supposed to look UNDONE. So if a hair or two fall out of place you’ll actually love how it makes you look even more like your alter ego: “Oh-does-this-look-good?-I-hadn’t-even-noticed”

You like: Up to the moment style
He likes: Casual Comfy
Compromise: Boyfriend

You like everything to be form-fitting and of the latest styles. He likes you to be comfy in case he’s got fun plans in mind (and cuz he doesn’t wanna hear you complain all day). Solution? Embrace the slouchy, boyfriend craze. Baggy jeans, a loose white tee and a black or tan boyfriend blazer and you can toss on and off is the perfect outfit to relax in.   If you’re still intent of showing off that figure of yours, belt those jeans or get a v-neck shirt. Add some sex appeal by pairing it with chunky heels. Bonus points: chunky heels hurt less!

You like: Chunky chains, rings or bracelets
He likes: Dainty chains, rings or bracelets.
Compromise: Layers

While you may think this choice is all about what’s hot at the moment that special person in your life is imagining the pain he’ll be in if he catches one of those statement rings with the side of his face. (A reasonable concern if you’re like me and talk with your hands). Solution? Dainty pieces but lots of it. Slim, delicate rings look badass when you pile five on a finger or two on five fingers. Getting ones that are smaller then your finger can work because they’ll stop before the middle knuckle and you’ll look like a 70s rocker. Thin chains with pendants loaded on top of each other is a popular choice instead of a super heavy statement necklace. Skinny bangles are sexy AND musical when you wear twenty per wrist. And don’t be a wimp…switch it up by pairing jewelery with things that don’t necessarily match. Gold and silver necklaces or bracelets together! Things with sparkles and things with studs unite! Make it truly unique by throwing in a necklace that your mom wore back in the day.

What you’ve just been given is the recipe for a great outfit. One that is boy AND girl approved.

What do you think of these compromises? What do you like to wear your boyfriend doesn’t like?

Guest blog submitted by HiFashion