No panty lines here!

I haven't gone to clubs in a long time until I went with one of my girlfriends about a week ago. I was wearing jeggings and a long top so I didn't need to worry about showing any unwanted panty lines. Besides, even if it did show, it wouldn't matter because we were in the dark!

Since it was night time, it was easy to avoid those panty lines. During the day - not so much. So, the question is this: what if you want to wear a tight pencil skirt or those form fitting slack pants during the day time? Well, don't worry Lovelies - there are several ways (instead of going commando) to avoid those pesky panty lines.


1. Granny Panties
Yes, grandmas always know best. These grandma panties are super comfortable and they take a while for getting used to. Since a lot of us gals aren't used to wearing high-waist pants, it may feel uncomfortable at first. But throughout the day, it will feel more comfortable since it just takes time getting used to. I have a couple stashed in my drawer just in case!
Why it works: Granny panties act like a second "skin," since it covers your whole butt and waist.


2. Boyshorts
Want the extra butt coverage, but don't want the high waist line? Well, boyshorts are your friends then! They're more accessible than "granny panties," and come in a lot more colors/cute designs. These boyshorts are basically tiny shorts that you wear under your skirt or pants.
Why it works: Since the underwear will extend to your thigh, no panty lines will show.


3. Thongs
This is the NEXT best thing for going naked. It's a good alternative if you don't want to go commando or not used to the idea of not wearing any underwear. Make sure you wear this when you're not on your period - or if you are, you can invest some panty liners that actually fit into the thong.
Why it works: Since it's just a "string," you won't see any hemlines on your butt. 

4. Seamless Underwear
I found this out when I was shopping at my local Victoria's Secret. They were advertising the seamless bras (where your bra lines don't show when you're wearing a silky or satin, tight top). The girl working there also showed me some of the brand's seamless underwear. Needless to say, they work pretty well.
Why it works: Seamless panties mean that there is no visible hemline around the underwear trims. That way, it won't show the "bulge" of the underwear lining.


Bonus Tip: Do not wear cotton panties! They often bulge up and will leave you actually wishing that you went commando. 

Did these tips help you? What do you do to avoid those pesky panty lines?