I was a teen in the late 90’s, which means I first started experimenting with makeup as Backstreet Boys blared from my CD stereo (yes, stereo) and we all tuned into Dawson’s Creek on Wednesday nights to watch illicit teen drama. Here are 5 of the beauty trends none of us could live without in my middle and high school days, for better or for worse.

Hard Candy nail polish
. (above) The Hard Candy nail polishes launched a frenzy for Easter-egg colored nails. I remember my mom taking us to the department store and letting us pick from the dazzling array of bottles, each of which came with a squishy ring. I could have the same pale blue nails as Drew Barrymore! But this millennium, Hard Candy has gotten so stale that you can only buy it at…Walmart.

Body glitter.
We used to scoop this gelatinous stuff up by the gallon at Claire’s, and no square inch of skin was spared. I didn’t stop until my entire abdomen was covered in iridescent glitter sparkles that smelled like cheap vanilla. Looking back, our teachers probably thought we were crazy for sparkling ourselves silly just to go to algebra class.

Dark lipstick. I can spot 90’s celebrity photos instantly by looking at one thing: their lipstick. These days, a dark, smoky eye and nude lips have reigned for years, but in the 90’s, it was more about a light eye and dark lips. Whether you wore a gloopy, frosted brown or a Gothic deep purple, the big deal for lips was dark.

Butterfly hairclips. Oh, I think every one of my prom hairdos in high school featured an updo with a million things clipped in it. Whether it was those ubiquitous butterfly clips, the “twist-in” metal jewels, or tiny barrettes, we all bedazzled our hair to capacity and thought we looked cool.

Straight center-parted hair. I remember my mom telling me my hair in the 90’s was flat and needed more body, but I was determined to let my bangs-free, straight hair hang long and heavy around my face. With the 80’s revival of the 2000’s, we’ve seen a lot more volume and waves come back into play.

CK One. Whether you were a guy or girl, this was the scent you wanted to leave in your wake as you sauntered down the hall to your locker, because it was UNISEX. How edgy.

Which beauty trends did you rock in the 90’s, Lovelies?