Women need to take responsibility for their own finances. It’s scary how many times I talk to young ladies, and they’re in a position where they’re stuck. Their boyfriend or husband has cheated on them or is leaving them, but the woman desperately needs to stay with them. Why? Because the man controls all of the finances.

He files the taxes, he controls the bank accounts, he takes care of the credit card bills, handles the mortgage, applies for loans, etc. The woman is completely helpless and would be broke without him, which is why she can’t afford to leave him.

How does this happen in the 21st century? We protect ourselves from rape, unwanted STDs, and sexual harassment but we can’t protect ourselves from being completely screwed over financially.

I don’t understand why it’s so taboo to talk about finances with your significant other in this day and age. Bring up the word “prenuptial agreement,” and everyone freaks. It’s not about trust, it’s not about love, it’s about protecting yourself. Life happens, do you want to be left with no way to take care of yourself?

When I see Lovelies on this site post “I want to be dependent on my man,” I get scared. No one cares if you want to be a housewife and a mother as an occupation, it’s terrific. If that’s what your dream is then more power to you. If you want your man to take care of you cool, who doesn’t want that. The word “dependent” though, scares me a little.

Every woman, regardless of who takes care of the finances in their household, should have her own bank account. She should have money saved away, she should have money invested, she should know how to handle loans, mortgages and taxes. She should be financially smart. 

My parents have been married for 30 years, they share a bank account and my dad handles all of the finances. However, they both still have their own bank account for personal money they’ve made over the years, and my mom knows how to handle all the finances if she has to. If my dad left or god forbid died, my mom would be fine. Financial troubles would not be a concern. Although my dad takes care of her and does a lot of things for her, she is not DEPENDENT on him. She can take care of herself if he ever decides to stop doing so for her. If you need your significant other’s permission to give you money in order to buy something, I think there’s a problem there. Why do you need his money, do you not have your own?

Why are so many women so financially helpless when their man leaves them?