As most of us still live at home with our parents, it's hard to really make our bedrooms into what we envision.  So often we just wait patiently until we move out, may it be to a college dorm or a new apartment, where we will then be able to do whatever we want to make our spaces, well, ours. But just because your parents protest to your ideas of revamping your rooms, there are still things you can do to spice up your living space. And this, of course, is also for those who have moved out and have a place of their own.

Not everyone is blessed with tall windows that face south, so artificial lighting is very important to create a feel for a living space. Of course, there isn't too much you can do with the lights in your ceiling unless you're willing to do a little more work, but there are options for you to brighten up your space that are easy and quite stylish. 



Whether it is for your desk or vanity, a lamp is almost essential. Not only do you need good lighting when you're doing your work or makeup, but because lamps are so versatile in style and shape, you can really do what you want in spicing up what can be a bland space filled with boxes of makeup or pens. 

Anthropologie has many lamp shades and stands that you can choose from. The Guelaguetza Shade is $98. One-Lump-Or-Two Lamp, while it is on the pricer side (a whopping $198), you can't deny that it is very darling and reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Of course, Ikea and even Target has countless different kinds of lamps and shades that will not burn out your wallet.

When Christmas time rolls around, a desire for long lines of mini lights overcomes us all. But you can use Christmas lights year-round, and spice up your room in a unique way. 

While this picture isn't of a bedroom, the concept is still the same. You can hang christmas lights along the walls of your bedroom, outlining the shape of your room, or you can create your own design with your lights. Above, the lights are hung in rows across the entire ceiling. Of course, this may be more work, but with a step ladder (or just a high chair) and a few tacs, you will have a ceiling of stars in no time.

These unconventional lamps are by etsy seller Anzfer Farms, and you can place them on countertops or even hang them on a wall. Running from anywhere between $50 and $200, these lamps are undeniably unique, and you'll definitely receive compliments about their uniqueness or remarks of surprise at such a creative idea.

These are, of course, only a few ways in which you can play around with lights to enhance the style of your bedroom.

What do you think of these lights, Lovelies? Are there any cool lamps or lights that you have in your rooms?