Mischa Barton was snapped on a yacht in St. Tropez yesterday sparking up a very interesting cigarette. After the jump, see 10 other celebs who've been caught on camera with the big green.

Charlize Theron uses an apple to enjoy some of nature's goodness.

Drew Barrymore and BFF Cameron Diaz pass a joint back and forth in Hawaii.

Puff Daddy

oh snap, it's Mischa Barton again! But behind the wheel? *facepalm*

Aaron Carter. Ew.

Paris Hilton toking up in Amsterdam (with bonus VIDEO!)

OMG you guys, Amy Winehouse does drugs?!?!

Lily Allen at a music festival.

Justin Timberlake has always been open about his weed use.

Seriously, Mischa. Seriously.

Kristen Stewart openly smoking a bowl on a stoop in L.A.

...and bonus footage of Britney on...something.