As I write this, I just finished slathering my feet with my new best friend (well, my new foot care product best friend, which is an admittedly strange category): the Blister Block Stick from Band-Aid.

I was totally skeptical about it, because I live in New York, where walking everywhere gives everyone blisters the size of Pamela Anderson's gazungas.

But before I put on my favorite pair of leopard print flats to go to a show last night, I swiped the Blister Block stick in those places you KNOW your shoes are going to rub: back of heels, top of foot where the straps are, sides of pinky toes. And, it's totally amazeballs, but I made it through the entire evening with no blisters or irritation on my feet!

The stick is kind of like a mini-deodorant that contains a substance similar to Vaseline, so it's really easy to use, and because it's tiny, it fits in your purse like whoa. I've never tried using Vaseline for this purpose, so I suppose that might work just as well, but for now I'm hanging onto my blister block stick for all those times I'm faced with walking 20 blocks in my new wedges.

Do you get blisters, Lovelies? Have you tried this stick?