Okay - if you thought the wine rack we showed you last week got you laughing - get this. There's a bra that's currently being on sale for $1850. No, I'm not missing a decimal. It's really $1,850.00 AND yes, it's a sports bra.


A sports bra that costs almost $2,000? Yes, this sports bra by BodyRock Sport has a detachable sterling silver bracelet hanging from the neckline. So, if you find it a nuisance while you're erm, jogging on the treadmill, you can wear it as a necklace or bracelet. As if that's not enough, there are Swarovski crystal embellishments on the sports bra, too.

Basically without the detachable necklace, it looks like any regular sports bra you can buy at Walmart.

Wonder if we'll see Kate Gosselin jogging wearing this little number next time. For you Lovelies who actually do want to purchase it (or take a peek), you can go here.

Well, gotta give the designer props for trying to jump start the U.S. economy.

What do you Lovelies think of the sports bra? Worth it or plain silly?