Lovelies! I am desperate for some style advice!

About a year ago, I hurt my ankle pretty badly. While the doctors said it was only a sprain, that injury has consumed my life -- and my footwear -- for over 365 days. Now I need to dress up, heels included, this weekend, and my foot does NOT like to be in anything but flip flops.

I'm about 5'2", and my attire is usually pretty casual. I'll be throwing my sister's bachelorette party this weekend at Harrah's in Atlantic City -- and if you've been there, you know that it's all about looking good and having a good time. But how am I supposed to do that when my foot is in pain?!

So Lovelies, give me some help. I'm looking for shoe suggestions. I want opinions on what designer has the most comfortable heel you've ever worn, what style of heel is the most comfortable, and any tips you have on breaking in a pair of heels in order to make them the most comfortable you can!

Give me some help!

How do you dress up your feet even when you're in pain, Lovelies? Is the philosophy that beauty equals pain true!?