I don't know if they qualify as unpopular, but below are a few styles I don't see very often but love to wear:

Socks with heels, whether they're ankle socks or knee high socks.

Speaking of which...

I used to adore leg warmers but they never quite looked right whenever I wore them. I've finally realized I actually love knee high socks. I think they're so versatile!

I turned my legwarmers into arm warmers instead. I have ones with bows tied at the end and I like the look if they're not too bulky and solid colored.

...but sometimes I can't help it and I wear my leg warmers anyways. I either pair them up with skinny jeans and converses/flats or I wear them over high heels.

Dresses with Converse. I only like to pair casual dresses or dresses cut above the knee with them.

Shorts with boots. I ask people if they like this and they're like, "Are you confused about the weather or something?" Sigh. BUT I LIKE IT. I also happen to like Uggs. I don't get why they're ugly...:(

Do you share any of my liking for these styles? Are there any styles you like that aren't generally liked by others?