Hate them or love them, TOMS shoes are definitely here to stay! The non-profit organization, TOMS Shoes, started in 2006 with a mission to sell shoes and give shoes to those who need them! When you buy a pair of TOMS, the company will also give away a new pair to children around the world.

Some of you guys weighed in your opinions about these canvas slip-ons on our Style Court, so we decided to give you Lovelies some tips how you can wear your pair in style.



Katie Holmes loves her boyfriend jeans.

1. Wear them with boyfriend jeans.
TOMS shoes exude casualness so what better to show that than to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans? To make it look casual and stylish, just cuff your boyfriend jeans right above the ankle. Save your feet some pain from those heels and swap them with some TOMS. Play up your boyfriend jeans by wearing a tight fitted blouse on top.



2. Wear them with shorts.
Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to showcase your legs and TOMS shoes. Wear them with shorts, like Scarlett Johansson here. She opted for a pair of the classic black TOMS, but it’s wearable. 



4. Wear a skirt with those TOMS.
Shenae Grimes is not afraid to wear her casual TOMS with her denim skirt and GUCCI purse. Sometimes, it’s a good thing to mix and match your brands because let’s face it, not everyday is a runway! She does it right by pairing a printed TOMS shoes with a white top and black denim skirt. It works!



5. Wear them with leggings/tights!
Willa Holland somehow looks so chic with those cutout tights and different coloured TOMS! Of course you can always opt for a same coloured pair on your feet, but why not wear them with some lovely tights? It’ll be comfortable and trendy at the same time.



6. Wear the shoes with a dress/trench coat.
When you’re out and about during this summer heatwave, you may just want to slip on a dress and flip flops and go. But don’t neglect your feet! Wear some TOMS with your dress and you’ll instantly glam up your outfit. Maggie Grace looks stylish in her trench coat and TOMS.



Jessica Biel loves to draw on those TOMS.

7. Decorate your TOMS.
If you can’t find an outfit or you want a unique pair, why not decorate your own TOMS. Grab your coloured Sharpie and use your creative juices to draw your own design on the shoes. It’s a great way of exploring new ideas and be unique from others.


How do you Lovelies wear your TOMS? Weigh in your comments below and/or our StyleCourt!