As far as alternative rock bands go, Muse is one of the most popular and honored acts to come out of Great Britain. Needless to say, it shocked plenty of the group's loyal fans when their song "Neutron Star Collision" was not only featured on The Twilight Saga: Ecliipse soundtrack, but became the album's lead single. But when Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme made the following statement, it all became clear:

"I'm not sure how cool it is to be on those kind of things but sometimes you've just got to get your music out there in different ways. It's very difficult in America because you don't have anything like Radio 1, nothing is national. You have to take every opportunity you get over there and sometimes you have to sell your soul. When we were in the studio writing it, one minute they said they wanted to use it in the end credits, then they said they wanted to use it in another scene. Then it was another scene and in the end we were like, 'Do what you want with it, we don't care any more."

Sure, Muse fans might feel better now that they know their favorite band didn't hand over music because they love RPatz, but is it any consolation that they did it for the money and exposure? "Sometimes you have to sell your soul." True or false?