Charm bracelets are cute, sentimental ways to collect jewelry, get touching gifts from family members and remember fun events like vacations, graduations, life milestones and holidays. I don't know what these would be considered.

Ah, communism! Yes, this will nicely complement my Stalin anklet, my proletariat pendant and my Marxist cocktail ring. (above)

I'm not sure if I want the devil holding a pitchfork dangling delicately from my wrist all the time. That can't be good luck, right?


A bedpan. A bedpan?!?

These dentures are ALMOST cool only because they have a hinge that opens. But still, you're putting dentures on your wrist. Next.

I'm trying to concoct some sort of scenario where a moose on a rocking horse would be sentimental enough for someone to put it on their charm bracelet, but...I've got nothing. (You can also get a moose angel and a moose on a snowmobile, FYI).

Here's a lighter charm, to remind you of your habit that's killing you slowly and daily!

The more sophisticated counterpart to your bedpan charm.

"How can we politely tell Marge she needs to drop a few pounds?" "Well, her birthday's coming up, and she does like jewelry..."

If looseness is something you're trying to advertise, I'd maybe nix the whole charm bracelet idea and just take your top off.

Lovelies, do you have a charm bracelet? What do you have on it? Hopefully none of these.