Dear (Skinny) Girl,

I keep seeing posts where girls are boosting up the confidence of heavier, slightly more curvaceous women. And somehow, most of what I see in reply are some ridiculously whiny comments coming from girls who are -not- heavier, slightly more curvaceous women. 

So, go with me here for a second. Imagine a post praising the Skinny girl: how beautiful her tiny waist is, how lovely her skin looks on her flat stomach, how tiny her fingers are (oh, how I envy those girls with skinny fingers), how much we all -wish!- we could pull off one of those dresses that looks too big (because, often on bigger women, a hanging dress accentuates our general "bigness;" on you, Skinny girl, it accentuates your delicate arms and legs and petiteness), how much we envy her because when she's with her boyfriend, she actually -is- smaller than him.

Now, after this blog is posted, can you imagine the Fat girl literally WHINING, saying she wants to "shoot herself," sarcastic or otherwise? Maybe 1 in a million would have the guts, in my opinion. I can just picture it now, "let's go ahead and complain about how we're the Fat girl, and then just await the flying, biting comments about how 'if we want to change, go to the gym.'" Please. Yeah, right. Sure, it hurts me to realize how beautiful you are, Skinny girl, and it sucks to have someone idealize you. I can relate to how you must feel when you read blogs about curvy women.

But, jeezum, Skinny girl, the whole world "blogs" about you all the time. Pick up Cosmo, or Vogue, or Marie Claire, or Elle and THERE YOU ARE ON THE COVER. Sure, sometimes they praise the Fat girl, I'm not going to lie or deny it. Sometimes they write entire articles on heavier-set women, women with tummies, women with some junk in the trunk. You know why they have to make us so special? Because we're not on every other page of the magazine. Because we don't look good in their clothes. Because, while we -are- beautiful, we are not "society's" ideal, at least not in the media. 

I'm sorry they single us out, Skinny girl, and you cover all the pages in your beautiful, elegant collar bones. I'm not even saying that sarcastically, I really imagine that it's annoying and hurtful that the whole world is constantly emphasizing that it's okay to be the Fat girl, that it's "normal," that we, too, are an ideal. It must seriously suck. But I imagine that the world thinks you must already know, Skinny girl, that it's normal to be you, too. In fact, Skinny girl, you were normal, beautiful, ideal before the Fat girl, in this generation.

...I want nothing more than to be skinny and thin because to me, Skinny girl, you are simply breathtaking.

Anyway, I don't care if you're the Fat girl or the Skinny girl or the Amazingly curvy/skinny girl, or the Girl with one arm and six legs and bright purple zits all over your face. We're all different, we're all unique, and that's what -makes- us beautiful. We all wish the world would blab about how beautiful our type of Girl is all the time, we all wish there were blogs praising our body-types and hair colors and skin-types.

So why don't we just quit calling ourselves Fat girl or Skinny girl or Curvy girl or Thin girl...Aren't we all just Girls?

As such, I hope I haven't harmed you, Girl. I hope you understand that I want you to feel -good- about yourself, not worse, after reading this. Society loves you, Girl, no matter your shape or size.


(Fat) Girl