Jane Fonda showed up in some ripped jeans and an over the shoulder blouse during the Paris Film Festival to celebrate her 39th anniversary of the 1971 movie, Klute last week. But, it’s made me wonder, if you have reached your 70s, shouldn’t you dress more appropriately?

It’s not just celebrities that have been caught dressing inappropriately. I still see women in their mid to late 40s dressing very provocatively at bars/clubs. Why they are still going to these places, I don’t know why.

Jane Fonda was all covered up (her ripped jeans actually had an extra fabric inside that showcased some of the sequin work). But she showed up in an outfit that you can find in the juniors’ section. Somehow, this outfit is more fitting for someone in their 20s or 30s.

Madonna pictured in Dec. 2009 at the movie premiere of Nine

Madonna will be in her 60s soon, but I don’t think she’ll stop dressing like that.

Do you think that older women should dress more conservative?