I know we all get jealous once in a while. We wish we could be just like the "it" girl. Read this earlier post to see what I'm talking about. It's hard to face reality, but we may never measure up to the girl nextdoor. So here are a few ways to stop being jealous...

1. Make a list of everything good in your life- Doing this will help you see that life doesn't suck all the time. When you write down your positive traits and accomplishments, you will see that you have a lot going for you. Then (if it helps) imagine people wishing they could be just like you instead of you wishing you could be just like them.

2. Quit Facebook stalking- I don't know about you, but I do know that every time I Facebook stalk I get even more jealous of the so-called "popular" kids. I would consider myself to be pretty darn popular too, but still there's that group you're not a part of that you wish you were. Seeing people's fun weekend and extravagant vacation pictures makes me want to be them. I spend meaningless hours on Facebook wondering why "that girl" has a boyfriend and I don't or why she always seems to get everything she wants. Here's an idea, get off Facebook! If you aren't "stalking" people, you won't have anyone to be jealous of.

3. Don't be so nosy- This is one of my flaws. I am always asking people who they're texting or where they're going. And I am constantly butting into conversations. I get jealous when a cute guy texts my sister or when my "friends" go to a party I wasn't invited to. Just stay out of it. Don't bother worrying about what other people are doing. This way you won't get jealous at the drop of a hat.

4. Stop feeling sorry for yourself- You start over-analyzing what's wrong with your life and wonder why it isn't carefree and easy-going like other people's. Then you get jealous because you have the worst luck ever and your co-worker gets whatever she wants served to her on a silver platter. Accept reality and stop turning everything into a crisis. Don't feel bad for yourself or get jealous of your co-worker. Instead be happy with what you've got!

What are some other ways to stop being jealous?
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