For a while I was cutting back majorly on soda thinking it's all artificial.  Juice is obviously the better and healthier choice.  However, recently I saw a Chinese TV show, that tries to compare two types of food and have people guess which is healthier for the body and has lower calories. One comparison was 100% juice and soda. The answer? SODA!

Soda is not actually good for you, but in comparison to 100% juice, it could be a better choice. Why? Because natural juice just means natural sugar and water, which is full of calories and does not actually fill you up.

“In fact, a 12-ounce bottle of grape soda has 159 calories. The same amount of unsweetened grape juice packs 228 calories.” CBS

So now I guess I am cutting back on both soda and juice…and just stick with mostly water and some milk.

What are your thoughts, Lovelies? Do you drink juice more than soda? Do you cut back on your drinks?

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