After last week's blog feature, we here at Lovelyish thought it would be cool to do a Q&A with an actual curvy blogger - not necessarily someone "fat," but someone with amazing style and confidence. I chose Christina of LoveBrownSugar, and in this little interview, she offers tips on blogging and coming to terms with loving yourself - at any size.

Lovelyish: First off, I'd love to know what originally sparked your interest in the fashion world. I know that I didn't really get into developing my own style until I was 18 years-old (late bloomer alert). Was it something that always interested you, or was there sort of a "turning point"?

Christina: Honestly, I can't say I've been obsessed with fashion since emerging from the womb. It was a passion that developed slowly and surely from probably junior high school and so once I started high school I was a full-on fashion addict. I had always been kind of a book worm and so that led me to my interest in magazines. Fashion magazines became my addiction and so did clothing. I blame it on my mom - she had me wear uniform in elementary school, so once I was able to pick out my own clothing every day in JHS I went crazy!

Lovelyish: What made you want to start a blog? I've noticed that you have had a lot of features done on you (congrats!) - what's that been like?

Christina: The first blog I ever started was actually a travel blog I used to update my family and friends on my semester abroad in Paris while I was in college. I had so much fun with it, I thought it would be cool to start one based on my addiction to fashion. I was always so busy in college though, so I never had time to start it up. Once I graduated and started working, my coworkers would always mention how much they loved my style and people constantly asked if I had a blog. After about three "No" answers, I figured I better get on it! Shortly thereafter was the birth of

Lovelyish: You're obviously rocking it and your confidence is killer. Would you say that blogging affects your self-esteem in any way? Would you recommend it to others who may be on their journey to self-acceptance?

Christina: I definitely think it's an awesome self-esteem boost. It's one thing when your close friends tell you they love your style, but getting comments about my fashion choices from fellow bloggers and/or complete strangers from around the world gives me such an adrenaline rush! I think posting your looks takes a bit of confidence in and of itself because readers could always criticize you or leave negative comments. But once you're brave enough to post and you get positive feedback, nothing feels better.

Lovelyish: Your looks are always executed flawlessly. I especially loved the outfit you wore in your entry "Platforms & Playgrounds" - the bold shoulders, the edgy accessories and those amazing lace-up booties - just perfect! But what I want do know is… what does a casual, just-running-to-the-grocery-store outfit look like for you?

Christina: For casual looks, I normally opt for simple pieces with really amazing details. I'm obsessed with leggings so it would most likely start there.  I have a few amazing pairs from H&M that have zippers on the sides which I think is a cute trendy detail for a staple. Depending on the season, I'd probably throw on an oversized tunic, a jeweled statement necklace and whatever flat shoe I'm obsessed with at the moment. My current shoe obsession is the Jaya Jelly Sandal from DVF ( They're so cute and they remind me of my childhood days!

Lovelyish:  I always love to see where others draw their inspiration from. What sort of non-fashion things inspire you? This could be anything like a song, something in nature, art, etc.

Christina: I definitely draw a lot of my inspiration from my culture. I'm of African-American and Jamaican descent so I'm in love with unique prints and bold colors (although black seems to be my color of choice in the winter - blame it on my semester in Paris). I'm also inspired by my history. The other day I was flipping through old pictures of my grandmother and great-grandmother and I realized where I get my fashion sense from. I love old school everything - music, fashion, art - hence my obsession with vintage!

Lovelyish:  Can you recommend three blogs that you check daily that you think Lovelyish readers should check out?

Christina: I sure can!

1) - I'm always inspired by Karen's outfit posts. She has amazing style and an incredible vintage wardrobe

2) - It's a really great comprehensive fashion news blog about everything under the sun. They do awesome coverage of celebrity looks. Claire over at The Fashion Bomb was one of the first people to feature me with her Bombshell of The Day column, so I'm eternally grateful.

3) - Why? Because I spend most of my life working on it! I'm an editorial assistant at Honey Magazine and I'm also in charge of their fashion and beauty content, so make sure you check daily for my fashion and beauty articles on the site.

Lovelyish:  Do you have any last words for our readers? Any advice on blogging or confidence in general?

Christina: The best advice I can give is - don't be afraid to take risks. The greatest rewards you'll ever get will come to you as a result of going out on a limb and taking a chance. You might not know what the outcome will be, but life is the journey to finding out!

Be sure to check out LoveBrownSugar for more of Christina's amazing looks and inspirations!

What do you think, Lovelies - do you agree that blogging is a great way to boost self-esteem? And what does your "just-running-to-the-grocery-store" outfit look like?