Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez showed up in New York's Times Square to unveil her Boys and Girls Club "Be Extraordinary" billboard that featured a photo of her when she was 10 years old. Wow, is that the same J.Lo we know who likes to wear plunging neckline dresses?

Jennifer Lopez was not the only celebrity who was an avid attender of the club. Other celebrities used to attend the club frequently way before they became famous.  

The Boys and Girls Club provide kids a positive environment so that they can learn to achieve academically and spiritually. I actually attended the club for a while during my middle school years, and I must say, it was one of the best experiences I had as a childhood.


Before he made girls swoon over his good looking charm and amazing voice, he attended the Las Vegas, Nevada's Boys and Girls Club with his sister. Seems like he's kept his adorable smile all these years!


Martin Sheen

Before he played the President of the United States, Martin Sheen and his six brothers would spend a lot of their time at the Dayton, Ohio's Boys and Girls Club. Wow, look at him then: he was a cutie!


Wow! Look at Usher's cheeks: makes you want to pinch them, doesn't it? Attending the Highland Park, California's Boys and Girls Club helped motivate him to pursue a career in singing. We're glad that he did achieve the career - with five grammies and all!


Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez played a wrestler on tv, but he also was a real life wrestler - at the Chula Vista, California's Boys and Girls Club. Although he's moved on from the days of wrestling, we're glad that we still get to see him and his cute dimples on television.

Did some of these childhood photos surprise you? Did you ever attend the Boys and Girls Club?

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