My boyfriend and I both have our ears stretched to 0g (the size in the picture above). He has to take his out next year for military school, but I think I might go bigger.

Some people think my gauges are gross, and a lot of people think I'm a poser.

1. I've been going through a lot of changes in my life, and I was tired of looking the same, even though I'm not the same person. Gauges have allowed me to alter people's vision of who I am.
2. I like the process of stretching. However weird it may sound, the pain is euphoric to some people, and I'm one of those people.
3. It's a conversation starter. So many people will ask you what size you're at, how long you've had them, if they hurt, etc. I've met a lot of new people because they've asked me about my gauges.
4. Although they are more popular these days, they're not exactly considered "normal" yet. So, it makes me unique.
5. It's an instant accessory. I was never one to wear earrings, so now I have instant jewelry, all the time, because I never take them out.
6. My boss thinks that they're regular earrings, so I haven't gotten in trouble with him at work. I'm not allowed to have any piercings aside from earrings there, so I'm king of skirting around the rules.
7. I actually stretched my ears properly, unlike a lot of people my age, so at the size I'm at now, they can go back if I need them to. I am thinking about the future and I know that one day if I work for corporate, gauges aren't going to work out in my favor.

What is your opinion of stretched ears?