I feel sorry for plus-sized models. When they're at their normal weight, they get scorned for being plus-size. But then if they lose pounds, they also get gossiped about and maybe even risk losing their "plus-sized" status.

When it-girl Crystal Renn walked the Chanel runways a few weeks ago, tongues started wagging that she had lost a lot of weight. Her Ford Models agent had to go on record, telling People:

“She is not trying to lose weight at all. She fluctuates between a 10 and a 14.

She went hiking in Patagonia for three weeks over the holidays and she firmed up and got a little smaller,” he says. “She has also been traveling like crazy and tends to be smaller when that happens.”

So we complain when models are overweight, then stick our noses in their business if they shed a few pounds.

What's going on with society, Lovelies?