Cut-offs, for people who can't let their favorite pair of jeans go

Cut-offs are shorts that were once jeans before their wearer chopped off the legs. A distinctly dated style our parents once rocked, they are usually pretty awful and strange. Thankfully, you don't see much of this anymore. 


Jean shorts, the All-American option

Essentially, jean shorts are cut-offs are the same, except these never were jeans. Time has been kind to the jorts-- in the 90s, these were pretty fugly and unflattering, but now they are a cute summer staple. A word of advice-- guys, please do not purchase these under any circumstances, you don't want to look like this guy.  

Athletic shorts, an option for people who want to be comfortable and prepared

For athletes, a lot of times it's just easier to stock up on the same kinds of shorts. I personally have several pairs of soccer shorts because the last forever, comfortable, and some are even flattering. Running shorts are also pretty big, at least on my campus.

Cargo shorts, because there isn't much else

You know what? I feel bad for guys. Ladies have so many sort options, but guys have only four-ish to chose from. The truth about cargos? They don't really look good. They hit the body at a strange length, they are very loose-- most men just don't great with them on, but they wear them to beat the heat anyway. 

Bermudas, for the laid back

Usually worn by guys, these shorts are a loose, straight fit that almost goes to the knee. Petites and curvy folk have problems wearing these.

Plaid shorts, for the prepsters in high school 

Plaid is a weird, weird thing. They are (like most guy shorts) bermudas just in a different material.  

Capris, because modesty is still around

Long shorts that hit just below the knee or upper calf that can be loose or tight. Usually worn by girls in middle school.

Hot pants, for the people who think there is no such thing as "too short"

Some of you might be wondering what are hot pants? They are just very short shorts that emphasize the bum and legs. So, basically, everything now.

Lovelies what kind of shorts are you wearing this summer?