The STRIDE Femme underwear in "lacy thong." ($29.99)

For those who have accidental "leaking" down there (not because it's due to our monthly cycles), there is a solution for that. Instead of wearing adult diapers or using a panty liner, you can go unconventional and wear underwear that has a built-in panty liner

The STRIDE Femme underwear comes in fivestyles: mid rise brief, thong, seamless panty, french cut brief, and sport bikini panty. The underwear has three layers which can help absorb the liquid and helps deodorize the smell - wow sounds like a great two-in-one deal!

Like many women, the creator Wendy Spencer, has this problem with accidental bladder leaks. She was inspired by her own experiences and felt the need to create something that was effective rather than constantly changing panty liners. I'm sure she also wanted to help women still feel sexy despite their leakage problems.

Thus, the three layer panty liner not only absorbs and deodorizes, it also can be washed - meaning it can be reused!

You can purchase them at STRIDE Everyday, where the underwear ranges from $19.99 to $29.99. Wendy plans to expand the underwear line to department stores, too. There also have been requests for the men version of the underwear!

Do you think this is a great idea? Would you buy them just to test them out?