1. Get some cute people together.

2. Organize some baked goods.

3. ...cocktails optional but strongly encouraged (the above is equal measures of Baileys, Amaretto and Kahlua with grated chocolate!)

4. Arrange all the clothes people have brought with them around your room of choice (the more space the better), perhaps using a big box for accessories.

5. Make sure you have a mirror placed strategically for people to check themselves and their new threads out.

6. Let everyone mingle and try things on (warning: sugar and/or alcohol may produce a rather raucous crowd).

7. Once everyone has a bundle of things and the mood has settled, go around in a circle so that everyone can show what they picked up. At this point people are allowed to challenge one another for their goodies. Both challenger and challengee should try on the item again and the rest of the party vote for who works it/deserves it the most.

8. Re-fuel with cake. (Icing with a piping bag is harder than it looks people.)

9. Everyone put on their favorite finds and have a photoshoot.

10. Go out and party!

...Well, that's how we did it anyhow! I seriously could not recommend this more, we all had such a blast and came away with some fabulous new things. It won't be long until the next one, I can tell you that for sure!

Have you ever attended a clothing swap party before? Are you planning on hosting one now?

Guest blog submitted by Charade Style