Hollywood and media definitely makes large breasted women seem more sexy, appealing, and overall more beautiful. Growing up in a family with relatively small breasts, I never really had a problem with having an A-cup sized breast. Though most of the time I wish that I could grow a cup size or two, having an A-cup can have its perks. Here are some pros and cons of having small breasts:


  1. No back pains when you’re older!
  2. You can wear low cut tops without looking “slutty”

  • Working out is wayyy easier without those things just bouncing all around
  • You can go out bra-less without it being obvious (though this isn’t a personal choice for me; it feels a little bit too free for me)
  • Guys will appreciate you for you, not your breasts!
  • Cons:

    1. Finding bras that fit perfectly is a pain
    2. Filling out tube tops/dresses is difficult
    3. It’s harder to find tops that fit nicely with small boobs (IMO)
    4. Swimsuit shopping definitely sucks
    5. Girls with small breasts sometimes aren’t given the time of day from men

    I’m sure there are much more positives and negatives to having small breasts, but these are just a few. Leaving off on that note, would you rather have large or small breasts? Why or why not?