Yikes! I've already talked about how photoshopping practically ruined the recent Sex and the City 2 poster. This time the magazine, Marie Claire, has done some major photoshopping to Sarah Jessica Parker's hands.

Usually, photoshopping is done to enhance facial features or make one appear skinnier. However, Marie Claire decided that Sarah Jessica Parker is already skinny and not only needs photoshopping on the face, but on the hands as well!

I guess there is no problem in having veining hands, but I guess the editors over at Marie Claire think that 45 year old women should have baby soft hands.

Here are some pictures that feature minimal photoshopping of Sarah Jessica Parker and her hands: 

At least the November 2009 issue of Elle Magazine sort of kept it real:

What do you think of the photoshopping? Do you think it's atrocious? Or do you believe it's harmless?