So she looks a little trashy, acts kind of stupid, and her music isn’t spectacular. But after doing research I learned a few things.

1. She used to go to a prestigious high school and actually made good grades. In interviews she sounds like she has a good head, but just likes fun music. There’s nothing wrong with that.

2. The $ in her name is a joke. According to her. I’m not sure what the joke is, but at least she isn’t serious about it.

3. She can play freaking laser guitar, as seen on SNL last weekend.

4. She actually sings kinda good, live. As seen on SNL, and it didn’t look like lip syncing.

5. She did the back up voice in Right Round with Flo-Rida, for free. Which also brings up the fact that she did a lot of back up singing without getting paid in order to climb to the top. It takes a lot of guts to swallow your pride and lend your talents without reimbursement. It shows that she actually cared about advancing her career to get well known.

In the end, she’s kinda cute. I just wish she would do something different with her sense of fashion, (or lack of).

What do you think of these random facts? What do you think about Ke$ha?