Can a "real man" eat a lovely pink frosted cupcake? Now you can stop dragging your guy to Magnolia, New York Lovelies: instead, take him to Butch Bakery in NYC for a testoterone-infused dessert: manly cupcakes.

The mancakes come in 12 flavors, which have hilarious descriptions. Take the "Beer Run" - "Butch meets buttercream in our chocolate beer cake with beer-infused buttercream topped with crushed pretzels."

Or the "Rum & Coke" - "The pause that refreshes - this rum-soaked madagascar vanilla cake with cola bavarian cream filling is a knockout."

For extra machismo, the cupcakes come decorated in "manly" colors and patterns: camouflage, blue plaid...and nary a sprinkle in sight.

I find this hilarious, Lovelies. I hope people don't take ithe engendering of cupcake shops too seriously. After all, I'm a chick, and "brandy-soaked lemon cake featuring an orange & white chocolate ganache filling" still sounds pretty tasty to me.

Would your guy go to the Butch Bakery? Would you?