It has come to my attention that some people have taken it upon themselves to tell people about why I wear heels everyday. I want to use my blog to set the record straight, and tell everyone why heels are just plain great! They aren’t for getting attention, the are because of these reasons:

1. They make me walk better.
When I walk in heels, it is sooo much easier. Rather than having to think about the angle of my feet, or if I’m walking toe to heel, not heel to toe, I just walk. I have a stronger stride, and I feel way better. 

2. The make me unique.
Being in high school, I am (basically) the only girl who wears heels. And not to sound full of myself, but before I started wearing them, no one did. Now there are a few girls who insist on doing so every now and then, but I don’t mind. If you’re a follower, be a follower.

3. The are associated with being sexy.
In many scenarios when men think of a woman seducing them, it involves some sort of sexy heel. Lets face it, stilettos just make women’s legs, butt, and overall body, look amazing.

4. They make people notice me.
In a positive way, naturally. A couple of people I babysit for have commented that they like how I get dressed up, even when it’s just to go babysit. I do not actually dress up, I just wear what I wore to school, but I’m not going to argue with a compliment from an employer!

5. They are associated with being professional.
When you think of a sucessful business woman, odds are she is wearing heels. Whether she is a teacher, doctor, lawyer, or a magazine editor, she wears the shoes. And a lot of the time, the pants.

6. They match my style.
As stated above, I have a dressier style than others at my school. I wear clothes that are closer to a teacher, or a 20 year old’s wardrobe, than a 16 year old’s. I love business style ruffle shirts, and business clothes. It’s just who I am. Heels match that style. Flats look okay, but they don’t give my outfits that boom. That wow!

7. They make me less self-conscious.
I’ve had self-esteem issues for a while, but I am getting much more confident in who I am. Heels make me feel powerful. When I walk in heels, I strut a little. I smile more. I feel amazing. If flats are water, heels are an ice cold glass of lemonade on the hottest summer day. 

8. High heels are associated with higher status.
On reality shows many of the successful woman wear heels to work, and to run errands. They strut their stuff, and to be truthful, they look hot doing it. Heels are associated with high status, both in work, school, and life overall.

9. They have a better range of variety.
With flats you have a very limited amount of space for style. With heels there are so many different options. The heel itself, the pattern, any sort of added sparkle, or buckle. You can design a heel for anything, and it can be one of the most unique pair of shoes ever.

10. The make me look better.
It’s pretty well known that heels lift your legs and buttocks, and make you look gorgeous. They make legs skinnier, and butts better shaped. They just plain make you a bit more attractive.

Lovelies, do you wear heels everyday? Why or why not? What are some of the other fabulous benefits of wearing heels?