Glamour Magazine had a headline on their website the other day touting "The Brilliant, Zero-Calorie Way to End Pre-Dinner Snacking." Well, how could you NOT click on that?

But post-click, I realized the tip wasn't really that brilliant. In fact, it's kind of weird.

They quote a housewares designer:

"Hot water in a mug! This is a great drink to enjoy while you're cooking dinner. It suppresses your appetite to help you feel full until dinner's ready. Also, try drinking hot water during the day instead of flavored drinks. It's good for the body and keeps you warm. Be sure to use a pretty porcelain mug, which makes even plain water feel special."

Hot water? Really? Not even green tea, or a slice of lemon thrown in there? I don't know...sometimes I accidentally drink hot water plain, when I leave my water bottle inside my car on a hot day, and there's nothing really pleasant about it. Blech.

Would you try this tip, Lovelies?