Honestly, I think that the constant hype about loving our bodies is a little over the top. Yes, it's a good thing to accept your body as it is. It's a good thing to like how you look, and be comfortable in your own skin. However, our physical appearance is only a slight percentage of who we are as individual human beings. Why should we focus the majority of our energy, and time, on just one small aspect of ourselves? It's unbalanced.

On the surface it seems that directing positive attention to our bodies is a good thing, and it definitely can be. It ceases to be a good thing when it becomes a constant activity though, or a topic that is always foremost in our thoughts. That is merely self-worship, and I'm sure we've all had experiences with people who are obsessed with themselves; because life revolves around all things pertaining to them they are usually unpleasant to be around, and they don't have much, if anything, to offer anyone else.

Directing constant negative attention to our appearance is a waste of time as well. In the same way that people who are addicted with themselves are frequently not fun to be around, people who are constantly putting themselves down and bemoaning their looks are not a joy to hang out with either.

There's nothing wrong in thinking you look fantastic. And there's nothing wrong in noticing that you are underweight, overweight, or have other physical flaws you don't like. There is also nothing wrong in doing what can be done to change your appearance for the better. But let's be balanced about it. Starving yourself, gorging on food, or obsessing over your body image is just plain unhealthy.

If you feel good about yourself as a whole person, it will show on the outside. Likewise, if you are not at peace with yourself that will show through on the outside as well. So start with you. Discover who you are, what your purpose is, what your passions are, and how you can translate those things into making life better for those around you. When you know who you are, you will be much more comfortable with what you look like and it will be easier to accept and/or make changes to your appearance without going to one extreme or another.

That's my take on it, anyway.

What are your thoughts on this topic Lovelies?