Since my work keeps my hands busy, I had been wanting to try Slimfast, because it seemed like an easy way to take a healthy lunch! I’m touching nice photographs and don’t want to deal with greasy hands. Also, many times I forget to take a lunch, which is even worse!

So alas.. I’ve decided to try Slimfast!

The taste isn’t actually that bad when you put it in the fridge, it almost tastes like a milkshake! It’s great that I can just guzzle it down during the busy work day, and that it calms my growling stomach.  You’re supposed to have healthy snacks in between, in which I TRY to snack on a Luna bar and yogurt, but of course the chocolate and cheese get in the way sometimes. :)
I haven’t been losing weight, but that’s not 100% why I’m doing Slimfast. It has a lot of nutrients, and is a healthier choice than just starving until dinner.

The hubs tried Slimfast during college and lost SO much weight! He lost about 15-20 lbs after about 6 months. Of course, you’re supposed to exercise with it as well.

Now that the weather is nice, I decided to walk to work today, which is a nice 2 mile walk! (Let’s see how long this lasts!) I know this is kind of weird, but I think a light perspective on weight loss is kind of fun, like a game! Everyday is a new challenge… and if you gain a little... eh, oh well. Try again tomorrow! ;)

Any thoughts of Slimfast as a method of weight loss? Or as a meal replacement?