"Hey, can I borrow this? I'll give it back to you later."

Everyone's heard it, everyone's said it, but most don't ever go through with it. I know everyone has that one friend or a few friends who always ask to borrow things but whenever you ask for them back, it's always at home, in their car, or someone elses car, just anywhere but with them. Then when you try to make it convenient for them like swinging by their house to get it, they don't pick up their phones or respond to your texts. It's completely and utterly irritating isn't it?!

It frustrates me because I let them borrow it since they're my friends and I trust them but then a year later... they still have my stuff or they lose it! That's the absolutely worst! I've lost so many things over the years that I just simply don't let people borrow things anymore. Yeah, I feel like I bitch when I tell them they can't borrow my jeans to wear to the club but it's only because I know I'll never get them back!

Ok, enough ranting for now. But lovelies, I need your advice:

I let a friend borrow a few board games, heels, and clothes over the summer, it's now March and I have yet to get them back. I've asked her numerous amount of times if I could go pick them up but she hasn't responded back. Since she goes to school an hour away, I am almost 100% sure that she's taken them with her to school and that just makes me ten times more angry because in the end the stuff is still mine, just because she borrowed it and never gave it back doesn't mean she can take it, right?

I feel like I'm in pre-school again in that I have to start writing my name in large capital letters across everything I own in order to get anything back.

What would you do if you were me? Have you ever had a friend like this? How did you deal with it? Do I really have to start labeling everything I own because my friends can't return borrowed things? Should I just let it go and never let anyone borrow anything anymore?