I used to be one of those people with a room where you couldn’t see the floor. Now I’m really working on keeping my room clean and organized. The day after tomorrow I will be spending the entire day cleaning out my room, and the day after that will be spent cleaning my bathroom. Right now they both look clean, but they aren’t really.

So anyways, here are my tips for completely cleaning your room! This post could also easily be made for cleaning other rooms too, same basic ideas, different specifics!

#1 Laundry: Before you do anything, sort your clothes. Put all the your dirty clothes in the hallway, or room next to your bedroom. You don’t want to keep them in your room, because stuff could get mixed in the pile, and it could fall into something, and you don’t need extra work! So before you do anything, take all your laundry, put it in the hall, then sort it and move it to your laundry room(If you have one, if not pack it up to take it to the laundry mat) If you have a washer at home, start your laundry right away, that was around the time you finish our room, you will be finished with doing laundry!

#2 Empty your room: Of everything! Pack up all your books, shoes, clean clothes, all of it. Then move the boxes into your living room, or dining room for the day. This way you can actually see what furniture needs cleaning in your room, and you can make it a germ free environment!

#3 Clean your room: Really clean it. This means cleaning your windows (inside and out), cleaning your closet, dresser, TV, whatever you may have, clean it, AND FOR GODS SAKE, VACUUM. You have no idea what kind of a difference this is going to make! If your floor is dirty, your entire room looks dirty. It’s just how it works. So clean all your furniture, walls, and floors.

#4 Plan out your room: Make a drawing for where everything is going to go, and make sure you give EVERYTHING a place. School stuff, books, nail stuff, makeup. All of it. The biggest problem with keeping a room clean, is the clutter that builds up. Things you need to keep, but have no place for. Make sure you give all these things a place. Maybe buy an accordion file holder for all your random papers, or something of that nature, that way you never have the problem of loose papers everywhere, and losing bills and work things in them. How I make my plans, is I first draw a floor plan of my room, and I draw everything from a bird eye view. Then I do a quick outline of all my walls, and what goes on them and where. I also map out the insides of my drawers. If you do this, when you forget where something goes, or your room gets a little messy, you know exactly where to put the mess and clutter, rather than under your bed.

#5 Move everything into it’s designated spot: SLOWLY unpack every box, putting all your possessions into the spot you put them in your drawings. And don’t even think about putting something on the floor, or on your bed. If you do, things will just build up until your room is a mess again! Just put things away the first time you touch them, that way you actually have a 100% clean room.

#6 Now would be the time when you would either fold and put away all your clean laundry, or go to the laundry mat and wash it all. Then put it all away. Where it belongs!

Thanks for making your way through the whole blog! I really hope this helps you become a more organized person, and that you get something out of this post!

How do you clean your room when it gets messy?

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