Hey Lovelies! Give a ginormous welcome to our newest team member, Grace.

Name: Grace

Age: 28

Your beauty/fashion style: Classy ho-bag?  Is that a style?  Haha.  Most of my stuff is pretty classic/basic/monotone pieces, but I've been moving towards a more boho chic feel in the last half year.  I love Rachel Bilson's classy & comfortable style with a boho twist, and Nicole Richie's flowy & vintage style.

Current favorite beauty product:  A Little Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics.  (sold at Sephora)  Seriously the best concealer I've ever come across.  Just a tiny dab and it makes you look like you've actually slept.  Priceless!

Best beauty advice received or beauty rule you religiously follow:  Drink lots of water daily.  It helps flush out the toxins in your body and keeps your skin looking young.

Beauty/style item you can't live without: Tights/Leggings  I have a serious tights obsession and own way too many pairs.  Totally loving denim jeans leggings atm, but black is the staple in my closet.

Things you're into or love:  Dangly earrings, architectural clothing & jewelry, architecture & interior design, classical music, the ocean, MacBook Pro, food shows (Man vs. Food, Iron Chef, No Reservations), and eating (especially soft spongy cake)!