Recently, a 23 year old man in Hong Kong committed suicide. Now, this would have seem normal (or seriously abnormal depending on how you look at it) if it weren’t for the fact that two things separated it from other suicide cases.

First, he committed suicide due to having acne. Supposedly, he was very depressed with his outer appearance due to the sudden appearance of acne (this was stated in his will).

Secondly, he tried to commit suicide three times. Once, he slit his neck with a razor. It didn’t work out, so he took out two belts (all prepared and brought with him) to hang himself on an air conditioner nearby. That didn’t work either because he fell down (the belts either broke, or weren’t fastened on well). On his last attempt, he took a few plastic bags (or something plastic related) to reinforce the belts, and was successful.

The reason behind his suicide was not common either, nor was his life pressured (at least not enough to commit suicide). He had a loving family (parents, and 2 siblings), there was no monetary strain on him, nor was there pressure for him in school (he was very smart, getting into university through a scholarship). His life, more or less, seemed to have been a nice one…if he had continued.

I was really, really shocked to find out about it. So many odd things had contributed to why this case of suicide was so weird too. But more importantly, I felt sad. Sad that his life could have been very happy, loving, and fulfilling. His future was bright, as he would become a civil engineer (I believe).

So, if you’ve ever had thoughts of suicide, PLEASE TALK WITH SOMEONE YOU TRUST. It’s not something you can ignore, or will go away. So what do you guys think about this suicide?