Mark Fast, a designer known for his tight, stretchy knitwear  was sure to equally represent women of all sizes at his Fall 2010 show at London Fashion Week.  Crystal Renn was among the plus-sized models that wore his designs on the runway.  I'm going to be honest here, and I hope you won't misunderstand my point:  I think this was a bad idea. 

Not because I have anything against plus-sized models in general, but because I think that Mark Fast's clothes, whether he realizes it or no, are not meant to be worn by anyone who doesn't have the body of Britney Spears circa 2001.  I'm saying every little bump shows.  If Kate Moss ate some grapes before putting one of these dresses on, you'd be able to tell.  These girls look terrible.  There, I said it.   Not because they're unattractive in general-I mean, they're models for crying out loud-but because these clothes fit them horribly.  I appreciate that he took a stand as a designer and is embracing something other than rail-thin models, however these photos make me cringe because I feel like he inadvertently is going to add support here for the old excuse "It's about the clothes, and they show better on skinny models."    If he wanted to include size 12+ models, couldn't he have given them clothes that fit?

London Mail reported "Last year Fast's stylist and creative director walked out three days before his show, apparently in protest at being asked to work with the 'plus size' models."  This obvious makes the unnamed creative director sound awful, but I wonder if perhaps he wasn't objecting to plus-sized models in general, just for these particular clothes. 

Do you think this was a good idea on Mark Fast's part?  Please keep in mind I'm not asking(and don't want) you to judge anyone's bodies here.  I'm just wondering if I'm the only one here that thinks that these clothes are a bad match for plus-sized models?