Tights are NOT appropriate substitutes for pants 

Today I was walking around the campus of my University, happily taking in the ambiance of the sunny winter day. I smiled gently at the oncoming students, all of us happy to be alive. My eyes wander to the group of ladies in front of me and...

Oh goodness.
They aren't wearing pants.

Well, not technically, I guess. They decided this morning in a great expression of their personal fashion to don pairs of black, slightly see through tights. Of course, as you could all guess, they were tucked into UGG boots (which I believe received their UGG name for a reason).

While I understand that most things that bother me I must ignore and simply forget about, for there is no sense dwelling on the insignificant- I simply just cannot stand it any longer.

For the love of the fashion goddess that watches us from above, please cover yourselves with something more significant than opaque fabric that fails to cover up anything in the slightest.

Do you shamefully wear your tights as pants? How tired are you of this trend? Do you see any end to this monstrosity of epic proportions?