Do-it-yourself and save money, right? Not always right! After buying some super cheap shoes from Aldo on Boxing Day, I found that they were half a size too small. My feet we’re squished in them and it was painful after walking a bit. I decided to follow a DIY from Youtube to stretch my shoes out!

I followed the tutorial video to a T. The only difference was that my shoes were oxfords, and hers were heels. No biggie.

Psych! Huge biggie. After freezing my shoes, attempting to pull out the ice was a nightmare. I ended up ripping the ziplock bag in half. I still couldn’t get the ice out and I had to let my shoes melt in the sink. The worst part of this was that I ruined the leather on the shoes with water marks.

A couple weeks later and I still have oxfords that are too small. Instead of trying to stretch them myself, I’ll be going to get it professionally done at a shoe cobbler. The extra $8-$12 is worth knowing that my shoes will be in the right hands.

Have you ever tried to DIY? Was it a success?