La Perla: The Most Expensive Lingerie Ever (But I Want It) - in prog

Underwear has always been low on my shopping priority list. It's pretty boring (unless you have someone to see it), and the cheap stuff gets the job done as much as the full price Victoria's Secret unmentionables.

But, Lovelies, I would totally change the name of my game for a closet full of this stuff: La Perla, the Italian lingerie makers. Swoon!

La Perla was founded in Bologna in 1954. They make insanely nice lingerie (a bra averages about $200, a thong about $100, and a babydoll slip around $300), as well as fragrance and couture. You can buy it at Neiman Marcus, among other retailers.

Do you wear high-end lingerie like La Perla or Agent Provocateur? Is it worth the plush bucks?