If you're like me, you shop to buy good quality clothing. Sometimes our purchases, be it online, or over time, were not what we expected or continue to wear.

The problem is cleaning out the closet.

My question is, what do you do with your gently used clothes that you no longer intend to wear?

There are several options for me in my local area.

I can take my clothing to two consignment stores (Mary Maregrets or the White Clover). I can sell my clothes to Platos Closet or online at Ebay or Craigslist. I can take a huge loss and have a garage sell. Or the good thing to do is to donate your clothes to charities that resell or distribute items.

When I look at that brand new Aeropostle cardigan that I got for Christmas that has a price tag of $40, I just don't see donating it for a loss when I could use that $40 elsewhere. Knowing, though, that I will never get the full amount back leads to the question of consignment, sell, or online luck. I would hope for at least $25 for it online, but will probably get $5 from Plato's Closet for it.

So, my question for you ladies, how do you clean out your closets and refill your wallets??