I seem to be reading blogs everywhere that call skinny women unhealthy and not pretty because they are unhealthy. They talk about women with curves being pretty. Well I have news for you! You can have curves and be unhealthy too! Your weight is not an automatic indicator of your health.

I feel like skinny people are the new minority that’s okay to make fun of and degrade. However, making fun of fat people is politically incorrect. If I were to write a blog calling heavier people are ugly I’d get yelled at for being mean to fat people. But no one gets yelled at for making fun of skinny people. Just letting you know, skinny people have feelings too.

If all of these “normal” sized people (you can look up what the average weight for your height is on wolfram alpha) were really happy with their weight they wouldn’t need to bash skinny people to make themselves feel better. When you are content with yourself you have no need to put anyone else down.

Just like some heavier people can’t do anything about their weight I can’t do anything about mine. Lots of models eat junk food. Tyra Banks even talked about all of the junk she used to eat as a model on her show. Yes, some models are anorexic, but some just have fast metabolisms!

I also have a hard time finding affordable clothing, especially pants, that fit me. I don’t own a pair of jeans that I can wear without a belt. In some stores a size two will be too loose but a size zero will be too tight. In other stores a size zero will be a little loose. It’s really hard for me to find business attire. NYC & Co. is the only place I can find somewhat affordable business attire, but they never have my size when they’re having a sale. It’s not just plus size clothing that stores don’t carry.

Unless you have absolutely nothing medically wrong with you, don’t call skinny people unhealthy.

I’m not saying that its okay to make fun of heavier people, I’m just saying that it isn’t okay to make fun of thin people.

Are there any other people out there that feel skinny people are constantly being bashed?