If the recent Lovelyish post in which the author confessed she hated “looking like I’m in my 20s” is any indication, most women are consumed with the desire to either turn back the clock, or stop it dead in it’s tracks–at least where our appearance is concerned.  The Daily Mail reports that Inneov Fermete, a pill that is currently available in Europe and South America and will soon be launched in the UK, just may do that.

We’re all accustomed to slathering on creams filled with fancy, expensive ingredients, but the makers of Inneov Fermete maintain that the key to younger looking skin is ingesting the nutrients needed for younger skin on a daily basis.   Their test indicated that women who took the pill, which is made from a tomato compound and packed with antioxidants, had 8.7 more skin elasticity than the placebo group. 

Here’s the bad news: the price will come to about 25 pounds every ten days.  That is about the equivalent of a month’s supply of birth control, if you are fortunate enough to have that covered by a insurance provider. 

Do you think once you reach a certain age, would you shell out about $120 USD a month to look nine percent younger?  What age would that be?  How much would you be willing to pay for a noticeable change?  Do you use anti-aging products already, and if so, at what age did you start?