Television is something that these days, many people would not be able to live without.

What I don't understand completely is why? Why must we constantly keep watch on the same television shows each week, why do we need to know what happens next? Why are we so shocked when our favorite TV star has an affair with their second love interest even when we knew it was coming?

It's our outlet into a world that we do not belong and one which will never exist. Lets face it, there will not be so many major events happening in reality as there are in the long running show.

Nor will Vampires brothers ever start a family feud over a mortal's soul.

These television shows sometimes become all we talk about. "Did you see last nights episode of Neighbors?" "Oh my gosh, I cant believe Ringo did that to Donna." When in truth, you'd been talking about it happening for the past week and a half.

It seems that TV shows are simply a way for us to forget about reality, and focus on someone else's fake problems and sometimes become a way of dreaming for us. I myself wouldn't mind kicking some demon butt with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki on Supernatural.

Without realizing, we covet things throughout these shows. Some people eventually covet so much, they enter into a stage of inevitable heart ache over a TV show.

(Don't get me wrong, I am totally guilty of all of the above.)

But does anybody else realize this? Does anybody else know why on earth we become so obsessed?