Well, here in western New York, UNBELIEVABLY it hasn’t snowed yet… I know. Well, either way, it’s pretty darn cold this time of year. Here’s a really easy way to stay warm AND stay cute without having to think too much about putting together an outfit on those cold mornings when you have to force yourself to crawl out of your warm bed and start the day. Oversize sweaters can be found for a steal at thrift stores. Just shop the men section or plus size women if that will fit you loosely.

Look #1 (above)– I’ve had this sweater for years. It was a hand-me-up (oddly enough) from my younger sister back when she was still a growing pre-teen. Somehow, she managed to buy this sweater which was huge on me, which meant that she must have been swimming in it. I’ll never get sick of this button-down cardigan with its gray and silver blend knit chord pattern. Now that the big sweater look is in, I’ll get twice as much use out of it. Here, I’ve paired it with a pair of salt-and-pepper blend opaque tights and off-white heals. It was also a good way to get some winter use out of my favorite beater.

Look #2- When thrift shopping for this look, go for something that is long enough to cover your butt, even if that mean’s its really, really wide on you. The idea of this style is to look like you’ve creatively turned a sweater into a classy but casual dress… You don’t want to look like the “walk of shame” (like you slept over your boyfriend’s after a night of partying and had to wear one of his shirts over your skimpy clubbing outfit the next morning to walk home lol). If the sweater is too short, your butt will show, and even in tights, that’s not a classy way to sport this look.

Look #3- There are a few different ways to go about this look. If you’re really brave (AND YOU FIND A SWEATER THAT COVERS YOUR BUTT without fail) try it without tights. I highly recommend wearing a pair of short-shorts underneath just in case. To avoid looking like a skank, wear boots, flats, or sneakers. Pumps would make the pant-less technique way too sexual.

Look #4- What does look good with heals is a big, long woolen sweater with a black pair of tights. It’s a great blend of classy vs. casual. It’s a very vintage ‘found object’ look, as I like to call it. Again, if the tights are shear enough that your underwear show through, find a tiny pair of shorts that fit tightly and blends well with the color of your tights.

Look #5- Sometimes you’ll find a sweater that’s too cute to pass up, but isn’t long enough. Here are a couple examples of how the big sweater can be combined with the shorts with tights look. Because the shorts are not meant to stay hidden here, choose a cute pair that you actually like.

Look #6- On a really cold day, you can actually ditch your coat for a sweater big enough to layer a few other snug-fitting long-sleeve shirts or sweaters underneath. Throw on a scarf, boots, and a pair of warm cotton leggings and you’re snug as a bug.

Look #7- On a slightly warmer day, wear a long sweater with a shear or patterned pair of stockings for an artsy look.

Look #8- If you’re lucky you might be able to find a really quirky/cute patterned sweater. You know, something that’s wacky in a really Bill Cosby kind of way. Rock this revived 80’s look with leggings/tights and leg warmers.

Look #9- Here’s an example of how to skip out on the tights/leggings all together and choose subtle mini skirt and legwarmers instead. The mini skirt is also a cute way to remedy the too-short-sweater problem.

Look #10- For more of a feminine revived 90’s look rather than the found-object/dad’s closet 80’s idea, try a cardigan instead. It’s easier to find a cardigan that’s long enough to be worn as a dress, and because they’re woman’s wear, they’re better fitted, so if you’re not into the overly baggy look, this is a good option for you. Overall, its a little more classy looking and a tad less experimental.

Look #11- If you’ve gone through this whole post and laughed at how pant-less all the models were, and really just couldn’t get into wearing a sweater without a really bottom piece, try this look with skinny jeans.

What do you girls think?  Would you try any of these looks?