My friends and I were talking about our arm hair the other day. It wasn't just randomly mentioned. She said she was so cold that her arm hair was sticking up and I said, "Not mine," and she's like, "No, because you shave yours." Haha yes, that's true. Why do I shave my arms though?

Because when I was little, I used to be made fun of for it and at that young age, I thought, "Oh, no other girls must have hair on their arms." So, just recently, I did. I mean, I don't know why exactly I do it, I just like it better.My friends think it's kind of strange, but I don't. I know a lot of girls who have really dark hair, which leads to really dark arm hair. I mean, what's the difference? You shave your legs, don't you?

Do you shave your arms? Or do you know anyone that does? Do you think it's weird?