All my life, I've been a t-shirt and jeans girl. Even though I was a cheerleader in high school, every night after practice I switched my pompoms for Chucks and band tees.

I'm all grown up now...sort of. I'm only 20, but I'm married, with two full time jobs, and we're looking to start a family in the somewhat near future. I'm the program director for a local girls ministry, meaning I run a youth program every Sunday night, where we hang out, do community service projects, cook etc. I'm also the Toddler/Children's Ministry director at my church, and very active with many other church programs.

Right now, I'm doing all these things in those same t-shirts and jeans. I rarely do anything with my hair except

a ponytail or two braids, sometimes I'll straighten it but it's at an awkward length right now so it goes back to being wavy super quick. I like to think I know a bit about makeup, but truthfully, I like sleeping way more than I like getting up early to put my face on. I'm willing to change that though.

But I'm ready to grow up in the beauty department, and I could use some (a lot) help. I'm talking a total redo from the ground up. I want to look good for my husband. I want to dress how I act and actually think I look good, rather than A. Get frustrated that I don't know what I'm doing and just throw on jeans or B. Sleep for every second possible and than throw on jeans. (I'm lazy, I know, but I work alot!)

I'll give you a rundown of me so you know what you're dealing with. FYI: I've scheduled an hour into my day for getting ready!

-I'm 5'5', but defintely apple shaped and a bit chubby.

-Right now, my hair is reddish brown with an inch of blonde roots. (I know, I know.) Its insanely thick and layered terribly a bit past my shoulders. I've got grown-out side bangs.

-I wear uniforms to work, so that's not an issue.

-If I'm not working, I'm in skinny jeans (which I know look terrible on me but that's why I'm here!) a band tee with one of four AE striped tanktops that I have underneath, flip flops or chucks.

-I rarely do my nails cause I don't have time.

-I put on a bit of makeup, powder and mascara usually, but it wears off so fast at work.

-My teeth are ok but I could def. benefit from a whitening treatment. Tips?

-I used to have a bunch of piercings, but right now all but my three bottom ear holes are closed. The only jewerly I wear is my wedding band and occasionally, a silver necklace that says "faith."

-I pluck my eyebrows myself, they're pretty good.

-I would like to carry a wallet, phone, bottle of water, gum, pen, notebook, ipod and makeup in a purse/bag with me, plus I have a 8inch tablet pc that is vital to me so it'd be nice if I could carry that too.

So here's my question to all you lovely readers: What do I do? and I mean that in every way. Hair? Nails? Clothes? Makeup? Teeth? Jewelry? Shoes? Accessories?  I'm open to ALL suggestions because right now, its just BAD.

Lovelyish, Consider me your pet project. I'm interested in a total body makeover. Tell me what staple clothing items I should buy. Tell me what to trash. Tell me exactly what to do in the mornings when I get up. Tell me something. :)